Bambos Fest 2017 – Day 1 – T.Chances – London 2nd June 2017 – footage from 13 bands!!

Bambos Fest 2017

Gig footage from Day 1 of Bambos Fest 2017 featuring:
Negativ + Overload + DTA + Rotten Foxes + Split Veins + Code Blue + The Dub Righters + Waco + The Blue Carpet Band + The Minor Discomfort Band + Gurgle + Shallow Sanction + Parrilla Shock


Parrilla Shock

Kicking off the day with high energy Hardcore Punk / Crossover side project, from members of Butcher Baby, The Blue Carpet Band, AOS3 and KADT, and a chaotic pack of drunken early birds start to gather in the pit. Band briefly active in 2017.

Shallow Sanction (Hospital Productions/ ALTER)

Deathrock Punk succession with powerful darker overtones and surprise bursts of manic blast beats. Hailing from London. Active since 2014, with Adam (Do One, Lead Desert Blues) on the drums following their studio-recorded releases.


Powerful melodic London punk rock, in the vein of Leatherface and Hot Water Music. Features members of Poisonous Cunt, Migraines, Flowers of Flesh and Blood, Global Parasite and Kilburn Bomb Squad. Active since 2016

The Minor Discomfort Band

Punk Rock Barn Dance from East Anglia, features members past and present such as I.C.H, Casual Nausea, The Domestics, Faintest Idea, B Movie Britz, Old, Strawberry Blondes, Luvdump, Crucify and more. Active since 2016.

The Blue Carpet Band (Bomber Music)

Sleezy, Garage Rock n Roll from London, electrifying the crowd with high-energy tunage and a final infamous Dead Boys cover.
Active since 2014. Guitarists and drummer now replaced. Current line up features members from Butcher Baby and Left for Dead.


Cosmic Punk / Super Rock, positive, punchy and melodically charged for the optimists at heart. Rest in Peace and Power to their original bassist Chris, passed away in 2018, now replaced with James after a considerable hiatus. Active since 2014

The Dub Righters

Ending the night at the small stage fan-fucking-tastically are Punky Reggae “true sound killaz” with members of Jakal, Bleach and Shot!.
One for the London family! Joyously filling up the room with drunken frenzy all the way to the stage. Indefinite current line up with Little Joe on Bass. Active since 2013.


Code Blue (A World We Never Made)

Another London punk band introduces the main stage stage. classic, fast 90s style punk rock with subtle oi sentiments, fastidious double-duty on drums and main vocals. Active since 2009 and currently on an indefinite hiatus.

Split Veins

Japanese / Swedish Hardcore-inspired Distorted Delay Punk from London.
Performance as haunting and as hard-hitting as their record releases. Active 2014-2018

Rotten Foxes

Brighton Based mullets and hot denim shorts delivering ferocious Hardcore/Death Punk. Turbojugend hell raisers arrive to the main stage and infect the pit almost instantly.
Active 2016 – 2019 and released a post break-up record We’ve Got Nothing Left in 2020. Band members moved on to start Young Francis Hi Fi and Glitter Piss.


Fast and thrashin’ Punk from London with members of Defcon Zero and Armed Response Unit, emphasizing on the reckless abandon of neo socio-political vanity and incompetence, while instigating absolute carnage in the pit as usual. Active 2015 – 2018. Band members moved on to start Prang and Circle None.


Brutal Street Punk bastard squad from Cambridge, with a strong stance against fascism, racism and sexism while maintaining a healthy balance between anti-social nihilism and aggressive outrage – always a bangin’ performance that sets off the crowd.
Originated in 2003 and settled on current line-up since 2009.


Manic, raw and raging Hardcore Punk attack from Oslo, Norway headline the main stage. Real fucking mental energy, frantically screaming bitter bolts of agony and oblivion at a crowd-surfing and equally frantic pit. Active since 2016.

Gig review/band descriptions thanks to May Mansur – Circle None (ex Shot!)

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